Ben Joelson

Senior Associate

Areas of Focus:

  • Antiterrorism and Security Operations
  • Homeland Security and Preparedness
  • Training and Exercise Development

Benjamin Joelson is a Senior Associate at The Chertoff Group, where he utilizes his integrated risk management and physical security expertise to help clients achieve their security goals. Prior to joining The Chertoff Group Benjamin Joelson served as a Security Forces Officer in the United States Air Force.  In this capacity, he was responsible for the protection of some of the most vital assets and installations within the Department of Defense (DoD).  Mr. Joelson has led force protection teams on three continents as the senior off-installation nuclear convoy commander for an alert missile wing, a military police officer in Italy, and as an installation antiterrorism officer in the Middle East.

Mr. Joelson has developed comprehensive risk management strategies for DoD installations, planned and executed various missions in the no-fail world of nuclear security operations, and worked closely with joint and international partners to secure our nation’s most strategic assets and personnel in all threat environments. In these roles Mr. Joelson has crafted specific counter-measures following credible ISIS threats, worked with the CIA, State Department, and other agencies to develop force protection strategies for deployed US personnel, and planned and executed a short-notice presidential ground security detail. He has also personally commanded 80 nuclear ICBM convoys across a 9,600 square mile missile complex.  

Mr. Joelson is a Distinguished Graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Legal Studies. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security from the Pennsylvania State University. Mr. Joelson was recently recognized as the United States Air Forces in Europe and Africa’s 2015 Security Forces Company Grade Officer of the Year.