White Paper Discusses Need for Comprehensive IAM Strategy in Combatting Insider Threat

“Insider threat” is no longer just a security buzzword; it has become an enterprise concern commanding executive-level attention.  A new white paper, Stopping The Insider Threat, produced in collaboration between The Chertoff Group and SailPoint, a leading independent identity and access management (IAM) provider, seeks to inform the conversation around the importance of a complete Identity and access Management strategy in protecting against insider attacks.

At its core, insider threat is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) issue: malicious insiders, by definition, have been granted some level of authorized access and are therefore often harder to detect than bright-line cases of unauthorized access or intrusion. As addressed in this paper, many organizations’ vulnerability to insider attack stems from gaps in their IAM approach. These gaps can be mitigated by embracing a complete Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy, rooted in governance, which can protect against the full range of insider attacks.

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