The Chertoff Group and Marsh & McLennan Report: "A Cybersecurity Call to Action"

Cyber-attacks are a present and growing danger. Massive data breaches and a steady stream of reports about vulnerability have put boardrooms on high alert and spurred companies to dedicate more resources to cyber-breach preparedness, response, and recovery.  In 2013, the US budget for cybersecurity products and services exceeded US$67 billion.  In addition, cyber-insurance premiums reached US$1.3 billion, and Marsh & McLennan Companies data indicates that take-up rates are climbing for a wide range of industries. With hackers constantly refining techniques and succeeding in their efforts, are we closing the gap on the cyber threat or falling farther behind?

A new report, titled "A Cybersecurity Call to Action," produced in collaboration between The Chertoff Group and Marsh & McLennan Companies, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, seeks to describe progress US companies have made in addressing the cyber threat.  Using data compiled by Marsh & McLennan Companies and jointly analyzed by The Chertoff Group, this report profiles how US companies prepare for cyber incidents and recover from events.

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