William Thornberry

Mac Thornberry represented the 13th district of Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives from January 1995 until January 2021. Serving on the Armed Services Committee throughout his time in Congress, Mac was its Chairman from January 2015 to January 2019, the first Texan of either party to hold this position. When House Democrats won the majority in 2018, he became the Ranking Member of the Committee. Mac also served on the House Intelligence Committee for 14 years.

Widely respected as an innovator and a strategic thinker, Mac has consistently been on the leading edge of critical national security issues. He led in creating the National Nuclear Security Administration to improve management of the nations nuclear weapons complex; establishing the Department of Homeland Security, introducing a bill to do so six months before the attacks of 9/11; preparing the military to defend the nation in new domains of warfare such as space and cyber; and improving oversight of sensitive military and cyber operations. He also chaired a Cyber Task Force in 2011, bringing together nine committees for a common approach.

For each of the six years he led the Armed Services Committee, Mac introduced and had signed into law a package of reforms to help get new technologies into the hands of the warfighter faster and to enhance innovation within DOD. He also led efforts to restore the readiness of Americas armed forces and has been steadfast in his support of the men and women who serve and their families.

Mac previously served in the State Department during the Reagan Administration, as staff on Capitol Hill, and practiced law in Amarillo, Texas. Mac’s family has been ranching in Texas since 1881 ‚œ a family business in which he continues to participate.

Mac graduated from Texas Tech University and received a law degree from the University of Texas. His wife, Sally, is also a native Texan. They have two children.

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