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Chertoff Group Cybersecurity Leaders Appear on the CISO Tradecraft Podcast

Adam Isles and David London appear on the latest episode of CISO Tradecraft podcast, to discuss a variety of issues impacting the cybersecurity landscape. Topics explored with with host G Mark Hardy include: the new SEC final rule for disclosure of cybersecurity material incidents, software supply chain risk, Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification and how to break down the organizational risks posed by Artificial Intelligence.

On the SEC ruling, when considering materiality of an incident, leaders must focus on impact, whether that’s financial, operational, reputational, or other concerns. At the end of the day, it’s a corporate governance question, and so it involves moving beyond the CISO to the corporate governance team to say, “is this material or not,” from an impact point of view?

In regard to the challenges posed by the proliferation of AI, The Chertoff Group is releasing a white paper today, intended to help executive leaders bound the AI-related risks and then define actions they can take to address these risks.

The white paper unpacks AI-related risks into three categories: (1) the use of AI technologies as in instrumentality of threat activity, whether from criminals, state actors or disgruntled groups; (2) the malicious targeting of AI systems themselves; and (3) unintended consequences associated with innocent use of AI technologies, both for inputs and outputs associated with the use of this technology.  It then identifies steps that management teams can take to address each of these risks, and which teams need to be involved. 

An enterprise approach is needed for the different categories of AI risk. Various internal teams will be front and center in helping a company reasonably address those risks. Chertoff Group experts are fielding queries across a broad swath of industries and are ready to engage on a strategic approach to AI risks.

Listen to the podcast on Apple or Spotify, watch on YouTube and download the AI white paper here.

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