James Micsan

James (Jim) Micsan is a Senior Advisor to The Chertoff Group.  He is a retired Senior Executive Operations Officer with 30 years of experience in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations (DO).  Mr. Micsan has served both domestically and abroad, with numerous field assignments in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and South Asia.  Since 2012, Mr. Micsan has served as a regional and intelligence Subject Matter Expert (SME) for multiple companies. He has also provided expert intelligence training for multiple US Government clients throughout the Intelligence Community (IC), the US Military Special Operations Community and federal law enforcement. Mr. Micsan is willing and able to travel anywhere.

During Mr. Micsan’s 1981-2021 government career, he held various senior executive positions in the DO, culminating as a Division Chief. He also served as an Assistant Deputy Director of National Intelligence. He has extensive knowledge of multiple foreign environments with special emphasis on the disciplines of counterterrorism, intelligence support to many U.S. military forces, cybersecurity, counterintelligence and counter-narcotics. Along with subject matter expertise, he has experience in risk assessment/management and continuity of operations.

Mr. Micsan has a B.A. from the George Washington University and is a former U.S. Army reserve officer.  He has received numerous awards including the CIA Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal and the CIA/Donovan Award for Excellence.


Counterterrorism and counterintelligence

Intelligence support to U.S. military forces

Risk assessment and management

Training/training development

African affairs

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