Joseph Ford

Joseph Ford is the owner and principal with the firm of Newton and Ford Associates, LLC. He provides management and consulting services to clients in both private sector and government organizations.

Mr. Ford joined Bank of the West in 2008, retiring in 2016 where he served as an Executive Vice President and its Chief Security Officer managing all aspects of the security program to include cybersecurity, information security, investigations, fraud prevention, physical security and business continuity. During his tenure with Bank of the West, Mr. Ford created an integrated team of security and anti-fraud professionals focused on reducing cyber and fraud risk.

Prior to joining Bank of the West, Mr. Ford had a 30 year career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He served as the FBIs Associate Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer. He also was the FBIs Chief Financial Officer.

During his FBI investigative career, Mr. Ford was assigned to significant public corruption matters, major government program frauds, computer crimes, health care fraud and corporate fraud. He worked on the corporate fraud investigations of Enron and Arthur Anderson as the FBIs lead investigator and Inspector-in-Charge. Mr. Ford authored federal health care fraud legislation and developed the FBI’s national program in combating health care fraud. He led the FBI’s national fraud investigation of Columbia/HCA Healthcare, resulting in convictions and the company paying a record $1.6 billion in criminal/civil fines and penalties. He also led the FBI’s investigation of National Medical Enterprises (NME) which resulted in NME pleading guilty to conspiracy and paying a criminal/civil fine of $379 million.

Following the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, he played an instrumental role in creating a newly formed team focusing on developing financial evidence related to international terrorism.

He is the recipient of the Director’s Award for Excellence in Investigation; the Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Service; the Presidential Rank Award for Distinguished Service and ACFEs Donald R. Cressey Award for Excellence in Fraud Detection and Deterrence.

Mr. Ford has served elected to the Board of Regents of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). He was also served as Chairman of the Board for Bay Area Crimestoppers. Mr. Ford currently serves as a senior advisor to the FBI on financial and business matters and provides risk and security consulting services to Fortune 1000 companies.

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