MC2 Security Fund

MC2 Security Fund leads $30 million Series C fundraising round for ThayerMahan

Statement from Chertoff Group CEO and Co-Founder and MC2 Security Fund Partner Chad Sweet:

“We are proud to announce that our growth equity fund, the MC2 Security Fund (MC2) led the $30 million Series C round for ThayerMahan, a world leader in autonomous maritime surveillance solutions.

ThayerMahan has demonstrated strong capabilities for both naval defense and commercial offshore energy use cases. This ˜dual use market approach provides strong diversification of revenue streams and helps to mitigate risk. This investment round will accelerate ThayerMahans growth and further advance its high performing AI and autonomy-related technology which is proving to be critical to the success of both the commercial and federal maritime missions.

Founded by the executive leadership team of The Chertoff Group, MC2 makes private equity investments in high-growth companies supporting enduring, mission-critical security requirements within the security and risk management industry. Investment sectors include Cybersecurity, Defense Technology, Government Services, and Homeland Security.”

Mr. Sweet has been appointed to ThayerMahan’s Board to represent the MC2 Fund and the C Round investors.

Read the full announcement here.

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