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The Chertoff Group Partners with High Value Target to Offer Enhanced Cyber Resilience Capabilities

The Chertoff Group and High Value Target have developed a joint offering to deliver cyber resilience managed services. It will help organizations better anticipate, withstand and recover from cyber threats. By identifying high value assets and developing plans to address gaps in resiliency, leaders can achieve confidence in the organization’s ability to survive and recover from a disruptive cyber attack. Through this partnership the Chertoff Group can help organizations:

  • Focus defenses where they matter most. Certain systems are highly targeted by threat actors because they perform critical functions and are stepping-stones into everything else. High Value Target’s proprietary methodology illuminates often overlooked but critical assets.
  • Contingency plan, train and exercise for a cyber attack based on a threat-informed approach.
  • Develop resiliency reporting measures to continuously sustain and validate cyber resiliency.

High Value Target’s experts have experience managing incident response and crisis events for complex global organizations. The High Value Target methodology empowers practitioners to focus on what’s most critical: designing and engineering cyber resilience systems to ensure survivability of essential functions during a coordinated cyberattack. It helps organizations get the fundamentals right from the very start. Once high value assets are identified, secured and continuously validated, an organization’s cyber resilience posture is significantly increased.

About The Chertoff Group

The Chertoff Group is an advisory firm of highly qualified experts that uses proven frameworks to help organizations achieve their business and security objectives in a complex risk environment. Our team helps organizations manage cyber, physical and geopolitical risks; navigate evolving regulatory and compliance requirements; and discover opportunities to win business and create value. Through our investment banking subsidiary Chertoff Capital, the firm provides M&A advisory services to companies in the defense technology, national security and cybersecurity markets. Together, we enable a more secure world. For more information, visit

About High Value Target

High Value Target is a boutique cybersecurity research firm that specializes in designing methodologies aimed at significantly increasing an organization’s cyber resilience posture against sophisticated cyber threats. We are actively engaged in leading cybersecurity communities and collaborate with best-in-class peers such as MITRE, ISSA, FIRST, NIST, OASIS Open. For more information, visit

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